Pure Nature Farms grass fed organic pork
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At Pure Nature Farms you purchase shares in a herd of live hogs. We personally raise your hog, feed, grow pasture, provide materials and labor for fencing, shelter and water so you can enjoy the best non-gmo, hormone free pork available.

Placing an order takes two steps...
1) Send us an order, from this website, of how many half hog shares you need, then
2) Mail a deposit of $250, per half, to finalize your pork order

Our current cost for 2023 raising your pork is $6.25 per pound, this includes, approximately 120 pounds, custom butchering with vacuum packed roasts, hams, ribs, chops, loin, breakfast sausage and smoked bacon all cut to your specifications, plus there are extra options for italian sausage, kielbasa sausage and brats.

Pork raised nature's way.
Pure Nature Farms pork is free to browse in pastures and wooded areas for a variety of clover, grasses, insects, and wild plants.
  • No hormones
  • No GMO feed used
  • Custom processed for you
  • Vacuum packed for long lasting fresh taste
     We Guide You Thru Each Step of The

Now taking 1/2 hog orders thru February 28, 2023 for Butcher Date Sept 2023

Questions Call or Text
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Pasture Raised Pork

Our pork is allowed to browse and graze as God intended to create healthy lean meat.
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